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Palm Cards don't need to be difficult.

No more styling and templating documents!

Drag & Drop Interface

Easily add your text into EasyPalmCards and change the order of your palm cards easily.


EasyPalmCards automatically converts your text into perfect sized palm cards every time.

Start free. Upgrade later.

Our lite editor is 100% free to use. If you want to export to PDF or fine tune your palm cards further, you can always upgrade to EasyPalmCards Gold at anytime.

Deliver a perfect presentation everytime with EasyPalmCards.

Whether you’re delivering an important speech at work or need to revise for an exam at school, palm cards are an easy way to prepare for your task.  Creating your own customised palm cards is now easy with our palm card maker and only takes a few minutes.

Speeches made easy

With EasyPalmCards, all you need to do is copy your speech into our editor and your palm cards are automatically generated and ready! 

You can easily change and customise every feature of your palm cards. Once you’re palm cards are complete, easily share them with friends, where they can edit your palm cards too or download your palm cards instantly to PDF format.

Our users find EasyPalmCards great!

I just love EasyPalmCards!!! I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and just everything about it makes my studying easier and my presentations neater and more professional. I have told my friends about it and they absolutely adore it as well! I am saying goodbye to hours of writing palm cards out myself!!
Great! Saved me a lot of frustration trying to use text boxes on a word document.
It's useful for speeches and many other stuff :)

Easily make palm cards with EasyPalmCards!

  1.  Copy the speech text from your document.
  2. Import the text into the palm card editor.
  3. Customise the palm cards until you’re happy with the final design.
  4. Download your palm cards to PDF or you can share a unique link, to access them later.  

The easiest way
to make palm cards.

An easier way to make palm cards has arrived. Simply copy your speech and let EasyPalmCards create your palm cards.